Deloitte Host Portrait Exhibition on International Women’s Day


Deloitte hosted a 20 piece exhibition on International Women's Day, (IWD) 2017.

I introduced the exhibition asking the audience to turn to an artwork and describe in one word, "What they thought and "How they felt", exploring the emotive responses to the portraits before being given any background. Words such as experience, solemn, intense and lonely came back. It's always interesting to see whether artworks' speak to an audience, without giving anything away.

I then provided context and insight into the intentions behind the work and the approach taken. I explained how each contributor had been asked to reflect on, and visualise a time in their working lives when they had been excluded and had felt left out.

Some could and some couldn't!

I wanted each sitter to reflect on an experience of being an outsider, to act as basis to respond my 'diversity prompts', and to create the contemporary deadpan aura in each portrait. If one's comfortable on the inside, one's experience and perspective on diversity will be very different from someone who is uncomfortable and not in the club. To quote, Adrian Gurvitz, "I'm gonna write a classic, Gonna write it in the attic". I ended on the key message of the evening being, "It's very, very important to continue to celebrate day's like today, IWD, but while the spotlight is on a specific group, we all, have a responsibility to widen the conversation, to embrace diversity in the broadest sense of the word.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Diversity Works... project does just that!  

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