Diversity Is … the true reflection of all life and one of the single biggest opportunities for business and society, our ability to build working and social environments where all people feel able to be themselves is critical to the success and harmony of the human race.

Diversity Isn’t … an exclusive topic for groups that are perceived to be, or feel they are in the minority, Diversity is about everyone and it isn’t something that should be justified.

Diversity Works … when we suspend judgement, when we focus on strengths, when we look for what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong with them, when we learn to leverage each other’s strengths and build a more powerful, fun and supportive environment for everyone. We all become happier, more fulfilled, higher performing, healthier, and more able to contribute to a life we can all be proud of when it’s over.

Andy Woodfield - Partner, PWC; Founder, GLEE Network